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Course Timetable

Demand Generation

nov 9 - dec 4 | 2020

Are you familiar with Demand Generation (DG)? Regardless of your marketing experience, CEOs, Founders and seniors teams in startups would do well to master this relatively new concept in B2B Marketing. This course will give you the tools to drive awareness of your product amongst your target audience, convert that awareness into highly qualified inbound leads, and work with the sales team to convert those leads into valuable customers.

coaches: nicola anderson & munya hoto

Account based marketing

nov 9 - nov 13 | 2020

As a B2B SaaS Founder or Sales & Marketing leader you know that your business needs a strong and effective strategic approach to business marketing. ABM is now the default choice for the best high-growth B2B companies who sell to larger businesses and this course will show you how to get it right the first time with tried and tested methods.

coach: andrew davis

Work Smarter with Email Automation

nov 16 - nov 20 | 2020

Want to master an essential part of commercial output? Revenue, sales and marketing ops teams, as well as CMOs, Content & Product marketers and Salespeople can all make the most of the hours in the day through email automation. 

coach: holly gage

brand demystified

Nov 23 - Nov 27 | 2020

Whether you’re a seasoned CMO or have just started as an SDR, this course will help you leverage the channel with the highest response rate, give you tangible ways to book more meetings with your dream customers, generate pipeline in a memorable way, close deals in style and keep existing customers happy like never before.

coaches: andy whitlock & Tim Lines